Financial Management Magazine

Yesss!!! You’re allowed to have study break 🙂

I’m a Magazine Lover since my child age and CIMA offers FM – Financial Management magazine for all members and students.

The magazine is tottally smart structured covering the most advanced, tecnological and financial hits of the moment. It comes out once per month.

Unlike having a single news feed that mashes everything together, FM separates feed by Inform, Features, Resources and Regular articles.

The Inform Section literally covers the last Financial and Management news:

Digest – you can find here latest news and trends from the financial management profession.

Must Read  articles.

Thinking – articles covering specific and detailed areas of interest.

The data – More technical articles.

Features Section is one of my favourite, you can go through real deals or experiences directly from the high professionals working in the field.

Resource is in fact my first section to read. You have study notes directly from examiners and also Tech notes (yes very useful for your day to day job). There’s also a subsection here including some good mastercouses and debriefs about last techniques used out there in the market.

Here you also find news from our Global CIMA and their members.

Regular article – Words of wisdom from our institute’s president Andrew Miskin. I do like is humor :).

Soooooooooo, no excuse… Refresh your reading skills and expand vocabulary…




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