Holidays are the most perfect time of the year for a student and of course, perfect to start hanging out all the time and forget about the existence of studies!

For CIMA students, studies and all that hard revision are associated with constant stress and tight deadlines.

So why should you keep studying and make it more enjoyable?

I can play my own Boss: Yeah, we all need to adapt ourselves through CIMA syllabus, time to do it when and how I want.

I don’t have to rush anymore: I create my own schedule –  when and what to study. No more study guide or stuDy buddy.

No classroom or starbucks: Now the best way to concentrate is really behind the yellow sun hat and that relaxed feeling from my sandy feets to my salty hair. Lemonade is my favourite fresh cocktail to keep me trough my readings.

Many breaks as I want: They say it’s much easier to study with a lot of short breaks. Soooooo, combining activities, something fun like catching some waves, memory beach selfies, endless sunsets and obviously ICE CREAM. I get distracted for a while, but is good motivation to keep on studying.

I can set realistic Goals: Free time means clear mind <—-‘_’—->. There’s no need to push limits and set unreasonable goals. Planning the next study steps with fresh and clear mind feels much better.

Stick to easy readings: Easy notes, revision kits, diagrams to mind mapping, financial magazines there’s an unlimited easy list to make it light and enjoyable.

The benefits to keep you motivated and ready to face the next exam are real. Keep studying.

CimaRoCks XXX



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